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3D Dynamic Sand Art Liquid Motion Round Glass Home Ornament Gift Item

The moving sand art is a majestic beauty, an all-time classic with a perfect eye-catching shape. When the grains of sand fall slowly, there is a feeling that the whole world is becoming quieter. It relieves stress and eye fatigue so that you will feel fully relaxed. Lead-free, highly transparent glass, as clear as a drop of water, allows you to enjoy the beauty of the quicksand fully.

  • Simply Relax: shake to disperse bubbles. After 10 minutes of rest, rotate it to 180 °. You can appreciate the fascinating speed and decreased picture.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Lead-free high transparency glass as clear crystal as the water drop allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of quicksand. Product’ detail is fine, carefully screened sand, colorful, levels clearly demarcated, flow out of the pattern of the 3D effect is excellent.
  • Free adjustment: You can use a syringe to adjust the flow speed of the sand painting, injecting air will increase the flow speed of the sand painting, and drawing out the air will make the sand painting flow slower.(For safety reasons please keep the syringe out of the reach of children e.g: in high places)
  •  The sand painting is suitable to be placed on the office desk , Watching the sand slowly drip through to relax the eyes and soothe nerve; It is also suitable for the living room, bedroom, office, study, reception, exhibition dressing, holiday dressing, etc. to add an elegant style to the host, and at the same time have the function of developing inspiration and cultivating sentiment; highlighting your different artistic feelings.

Instructions for use:

      • Place the sand painting on a shelf for at least 30 minutes.
      • When you operate it, just hold and shake it gently left and right for a while, so that the air bubbles inside become small bubbles, then turn it over to let the sand slowly flow down from the small bubbles.
      • Note: It is normal for some bubbles to get stuck. Because the buoyancy of the bubbles is balanced with the gravity of the sand, but the situation rarely happens.
      • After the sand has completely fallen, keep it on the shelf for at least 30 minutes.

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7 Inches


Black Golden Sand, Blue Golden Sand, Coffee Golden Sand, Green Golden Sand, Orange Golden Sand, Pink Golden Sand, Purple Golden Sand, Red Golden Sand, Yellow Golden Sand

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